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Art Station :  Asisi :  3D computer rendered studies of Titanic's wreck by professional animator Dominik Tezyk.
Atlantic Liners :  Informative on Titanic and many more liners. By noted maritime author J. Kent Layton.
Belfast Titanic Society :  Founded 1992. Educated research and consultancy. CQD Magazine for members.
British Titanic Society :  Founded 1987. With news articles, historical resources, etc. Yearly a convention. 2012/ 04/titanica-remembrance.html
Camdesign Interiors :  Interesting blog entry on Father Frank Browne and his photos; and much more "Titanic".
Cruise Line History :  The amazing story on Father Frank Browne and his photos told in short, with images.
Daily Mail Online :  Jason King's stunning Titanic model, 1:100 (9 ft, 2.7 m), crafted from... scrap materials!
Wikipedia :  Titanic :  Comprehensive "open source" starting point, providing all the basic information.
Wikipedia :  Titanic II :  The planned replica, as a functional ocean liner. Current expected launch date: 2024.
Encyclopedia Titanica :  Probably one of the oldest and also best online resources. With a large forum. titanica
Facebook :  Encyclopedia Titanica :  Group (public) on Titanic, by the noted Encyclopedia Titanica website. liners
Facebook :  The White Star Liners :  Group (private) on the "Olympic class" liners : Olympic, Titanic, Britannic.
Facebook :  Titanic Enthusiasts :  Group (private) on Titanic, by the noted Titanic Historical Society (1963).
FX Guide :  Film making tricks & techniques explained on the James Cameron movie "Titanic" (19 Dec.1997).
Great Lakes Titanic Society (GLTS) :  Articles :  Various subjects on Titanic, such as "The drift of wreckage". TITANIC
Hercolano2 :  72 research articles, & also reviews. First scroll past links index. (At page end click Older Posts.)
Hercolano2 :  Massive article, by expert Paul Lee, focusing on the first minutes after Titanic hit the iceberg.
Hercolano2 :  "Engineering" weekly, 1July 1910 : workings of Olympic's & Titanic's new "Quadrant" Welin davit.  (offline ; here available by
The Titanic Radio Page :  Marconi wireless telegraph system. With a chronology on the disaster telegrams. :  Titanic in Belfast :  Information on sightseeing, experiences, locations, tours, cafes, hotels.
Ken Marschall :  Long famous for his accurate, highly detailed paintings of Titanic. Knows the ship inside out.
Lagan Boat Company :  Since 1998, unique boats' tours & parties : Lagan river, Belfast harbor, H&W, etc. visit/ floor-plan/titanic/
Merseyside Maritime Museum :  Liverpool's museum department on Titanic. (Use left menu for artifacts etc.)
Magnificent Titanic :  Blog website on Titanic and also her 2 sisters. Many facts, photos, 3D renderings. timelinelinks/ timeline51.htm
Marconi Calling :  Hopeless messy site navigation, but with a decent "Titanic" telegrams archive (images!). :  Varied in-depth articles and resources on Titanic, her both sisters, and Lusitania.
Maritime Museum of the Atlantic (est.1948) :  Canada's rich marine history (Titanic!), in Halifax, Nova Scotia. page_1.htm
Maritime Quest :  Titanic :  Broad resource section : data, lists, photos, articles. Also use links at page end!
Mark Chirnside's Reception Room :  This marine expert on his books and articles. (Tip: use menu's Sitemap.)
National Archives UK :  Titanic :  Info, articles, podcasts, memorabilia, database of passengers & crew.
National Museums Northern Ireland :  Abundant information, with facts, stories, images, audio, and video. html
North Atlantic Run :  Olympic Auctions :  Sale "catalogues" (some with photos/prices) on Olympic's outfittings.
Paul Lee Titanic Pages :  Elaborate historical research articles, f.e. a detailed topic on the ice warnings.
Paul Lee Book Details :  Lee's thorough book on SS Californian watching Titanic go down. Chapter samples!
RMI :  Titanic Facts :  25 short episodes on Titanic. Very informative and interesting. Well told and written.
RMS Titanic :  Unseen pictures, "hi-res"! (Click top left H&W icon ; then, mid page, click red links in yard plan!)  (offline ; here available by
RMS Titanic Remembered :  By the maritime historian Daniel Allen Butler. Educative. Well told and written. id=565  (offline ; here available by
RMS Titanic Remembered :  Topic questioning Wallace Hartley's "Titanic" violin, sold $1.6 + million in 2013.
Santini Central :  Steve Santini : escapist, entertainer, inventor, historian, author, and noted Titanic expert.
SS Maritime :  1250+ liners articles by historian & author Reuben Goossens ; at page end click Main Index! html
The Teacher's Guide :  Titanic Timeline :  Very detailed timeline on Titanic, as well as the company behind her.
The Yard :  Solely about Harland & Wolff  Shipbuilders & Engineers Ltd. (Titanic), founded 11 April 1861.
The Yard :  Names :  H&W workers' nicknaming, f.e. "Sniper's Nightmare": someone who walks with a limp.
Titanic CAD Plans :  Many in-dept build/design research articles (Bob Read D.M.D.) ; scroll down homepage!
Titanic Foundation (est. 2008) :  Conservation, education, promotion of Belfast industrial & maritime heritage.  (offline ; here available by
Titanic Model  (Research & Modeling Ass., TRMA) :  Global organization of modelers, experts, historians.  (offline ; here available by
Titanic Model :  Page on aspects of Titanic construction (Roy Mengot, USA naval defense systems engineer). composite/  (offline ; here available by
Titanic Model :  Page on Peter Davies-Garner's very detailed & very large scale model, 1:48 (18 ft, 5.6 m).
Hahn Titanic-Plans :  CAD plans for Titanic model makers. Midway homepage click old plans for lots "old"!
Titanic The Ship Magnificent (2017) :  2 books, by 5 experts. Hover top menus Vol.1  &  2 for chapter snippets!  (offline ; here available by
Titanic Titanic :  Valuable as a resource, and with a frequently updated Titanic News page. With a forum.  (offline ; here available by
Titanic & Other White Star Line Ships :  Plenty of interesting facts, articles and photographs on the subjects.
Titanic Belfast (est. 2012) :  Dec. 2016 : industry and public voted it as "World's Leading Tourist Attraction".
Titanic Belfast :  Titanic Stories :  Educative topics, all except one by historian Paul Louden-Brown FRSA.
Titanic Belfast :  Titanic Stories :  Fascinating history on the 33 ft (10.05 m) plan used in the disaster's inquiry.
Titanic Branson (MO, USA) :  With sister "Pigeon Forge" (TN) the oldest, largest Titanic museum attraction.
Titanic Collector Tony Probst :  Launch ticket, lifeboat sign, life jacket, menu card, deck chair, deck plan, etc.
Titanic Covers :  Very rare "Titanic"- handstamped envelopes, rerouted due to Titanic's maiden trip delay.
Titanic di Claudio Bossi :  Utmost extensive, unfortunately in Italian language, but many unseen photos.
Titanic Facts :  Many quick-reference basics. (One of the "History in Numbers" websites by Dave Fowler.)
Titanic Honor & Glory :  3D computer rendered visualization project on Titanic ; both a game & a tour mode. :
Titanic Honor & Glory :  3D computer rendered lifelike virtual tour on Titanic. Outstanding. (4min demo) :
Titanic Honor & Glory :  3D computer rendered lifelike virtual tour on Titanic. Outstanding. (7min demo) :
Titanic Honor & Glory :  3D computer rendered lifelike virtual tour on Titanic. Outstanding. (23min demo) :
Titanic Honor & Glory :  3D computer rendered lifelike virtual tour on Titanic. Outstanding. (1h 56m demo) :
Titanic Honor & Glory :  3D computer rendered REALTIME SINKING of Titanic. Impressive. (2h 41m video) :
Titanic Honor & Glory :  Father Roberto Pirrone and his 3 "cross-cut" liners, 1:48. Stunning. (43min video)
Titanic Historical Society (THS) :  Est.1963, USA. Educative articles. Artifacts museum. "Commutator" mag.
Titanic Historical Society (THS) :  Page on Edward Kamuda, who made us remember "Titanic" ; must read.
Titanic Honour & Glory :  Organizes exhibitions with own artifacts etc. Interesting website. Click link Gallery.
Titanic International Society :  Founded 1989, USA. Active on many levels. For members journal Voyage.
Titanic Inquiry :  The investigation into the disaster. Transcripts of the congressional hearings in UK and US.
Titanic Model :  Art Braunschweiger's build guide of his small yet super detailed model (1:350, 30.3  in, 77cm).
Titanic News Channel :  Diverse news, upcoming & past "Titanic" auction lots, and lots of other information.
Titanicology :  Samuel Halpern's research. For articles click "My on-line Titanic..." and "My other Titanic...".
Titanic Pigeon Forge (TN, USA) :  With sister "Branson" (MO) the oldest, largest Titanic museum attraction.
Titanic Switch :  Deflates theory that Olympic was renamed "Titanic" and was then sunk for insurance money.
Titanic Universe :  Everything "Titanic" is here to be discovered : news, facts, photos, videos, articles, etc.
White Star Memories :  Premier supplier of Titanic and White Star Line artifacts to museums & exhibitions.
Bill Wormstedt's Titanic :  In-depth articles on various subjects. New chapter "Proven facts about the Titanic".
Wormstedt Titanic Book Site :  Searchable archive/index on "Titanic" book publications (until Feb. 2007).
White Star Line Memorial Foundation :  1849  -1934 archive of historical data, articles, artifacts, ephemera.
Harland & Wolff's abandoned wharfs & buildings, before demolition : 1-hour footage, 1996, Craig Lee. Great!
Rodrigo Piller (Brazil) wonderfully filmed his lifelike 1:100 model from self-made parts. Mindblowing. A+.
2016 film at Lightstorm Entertainment : the largest model (1:20, 44 1/8 ft, 13.45 m), for movie "Titanic" (1997).
The second largest (not "largest") model (1:30, 29.4 ft, 8.97 m), by the Spanish Titanic Society. Film 2016.


MODERN CATASTROPHE : Clothing manufacture worldwide, a 3 trillion dollar industry, yearly totals 50 million ton textile (an unimaginable 1,000 times the weight of the Titanic) for 100 billion garments; a staggering estimated roughly 3-fold increase since the year 2000. 73% eventually ends up in landfills or is incinerated; the weight equivalent of 25 million midsize European passenger cars. 0.5 million ton microfibers (thus synthetic) yearly leak into the wastewater; the weight equivalent of 350,000 midsize European passenger cars.